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Relax in the capital of wellness and golf!


NEW: Spa & Harmony

As a part of the renewal of the Greenfield Hotel, our new Spa&Harmony exclusive wellness area has been completed. Our new services guarantee that your Holiday in Greenfield will be a memorable.

Our Spa & Harmony area offers a range of new and special services. With a capacity of around 25 people, this area guarantees a break from the daily routine and a truly meaningful recharge for a body and soul too.

Spa & Harmony attractions are available every day from 10:00-20:00 

The service is available for an extra charge as follows:

  • of 8 350,- HUF / person for a full day
  • of 5 950,- HUF / person for a half day (4 hours)

In the spirit of getting fully dressed, we offer our guests a refreshing selection of fruit and drinks.

Pre-booking is required to use Spa & Harmony! Please min. 1 hour before use, indicate your intention at the hotel reception!

Our attractions

Infrared cabine

The heat from the infrared rays penetrates deep into the subcutaneous fat tissue and has therefore a rejuvenating and health-promoting effect. Stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, relieves stress, soul and body can relax. Detoxifies, helps to reduce fat, tightens the skin, purifies the connective tissue, helps against cellulite, heals the body and strengthens the immune system.
Temperature: 35-50 °C

Stone sauna

Stone sauna has a beneficial effect on the mood, clear the airways and strengthen the immune system.

Temperature: 55-650C, humidity: 45-55%

Steam bath

Has an unique effect on the human organism. The body temperature - despite of the intensive sweating - is increased by the heat in the cabin, which accelerates the blood circulation. The heart rate increases but the blood pressure decreases due to the dilation of the blood vessels. Improves blood circulation, relieves stress and clears the airways. Besides its skin-cleansing effect, it even warms up the joints

Temperature: 40-50 0C, humidity: 80-95%

Salt sauna

With infrared heat, sea salt vaporiser and oxigen therapy. Breathing the salty air in the cabin helps in case of respiratory diseases. It strengthens the immune system and stimulates the activity of the respiratory system. The salt has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin problems. The illuminated salt crystals have cell-regenerating and stress-relieving effect.

Temperature: 22-25 0C

Sunbathing room

Relaxation light therapy gives you the feeling of a beach holiday. Thanks to a special light technique, we can create a whole day sunny period - from sunrise to sunset - in 30 minutes. The experience of the relaxation is enhanced with extra mood lights and a built-in audio system. The warm sand in the room and the wonderful sunshine activate endorphin production, releasing happiness hormones. It improves mood and makes you feel balanced

Spa cinema

Enjoy relaxing in our special relaxation room, where entertainment is provided by a 2x2 metre diameter TV. Try our 3-person hornet's nest sunbed or lie comfortably on our 2-person bed.


A whirlpool has a lots of positive effects. Thanks to its relaxing, soothing effect, it helps you to escape from the daily routine and guarantees relaxation and recharging. But it also has a number of health benefits, such as relieving muscle and joint pain, helping recovery from a sports injury, lowering blood sugar levels and improving immune function.

Experience shower

The experience shower provides a different showering experience from the usual one. The effect of the experience shower is mainly enjoyed after a sauna or other sweat bath, but it also provides a pleasant experience in addition to its beneficial effects. Thanks to the different experience elements, it has an effect on almost all senses.

Light sauna

The beneficial effects of the sauna are complemented by colour therapy. The colours can effect different energy centres of the body in a positive way.

The light sauna is currently not available.


Cool and refresh! Ice treatment after a sauna has a positive effect on the skin and improves blood circulation.

The ice-well is currently not available.