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Excursion possibilities

Fabulous historical towns and diverse cultural programmes await those who prefer active recreation in the Western Hungarian thermal region famous for its medicinal waters.


Distance from hotel: 36 km

Fertőd, located near to Bükfürdő is famous for the Esterházy Castle. The castle was built at the end of the XVIII. Century and played an important role in the cultural life of that era.

From June to September its assembly hall gives home to several classical music concerts.


Distance from hotel: 25 km

Kőszeg is known to be the jewelry box of the western border of Hungary. The town is located 20 km away from Bük and due to the densely developed cycle paths of the region it can be discovered by bicycle too. The attractions like the Jurisics Castle and Museum, Townwell, St. Imre Church and Holy Trinity Column make worth to visit Kőszeg. The streets and buildings in the downtown provide a pleasant place for an evening walk.


Distance from hotel: 27 km

Due to the history of the town several Roman age and baroque monuments can be found in Szombathely. The structure of the historic downtown still preserves its medieval style. The Main Square – former Market square – had given place to the national weekly fairs for centuries. The name ‘Szombathely’ also derives from the fairs – the word means ‘Saturdayplace’ indicating that the town gave place to the fairs on Saturdays.

A beautiful Boating and Fishing Lake can be found in the green belt of the town. Between April and September enquirers can rent water bikes and boats here. The Museum Village of Vas introduces the rustic lifestyle and folk architectural culture of the past two centuries of the county. This museum was the second skanzen of Hungary and is the most frequently visited museum of Szombathely today. The well maintained - and developing - folk buildings prove to be a calm island in the vivid city life of Szombathely.


Distance from hotel: 45 km

It is Hungary’s most loyal city and one of its most beautiful ones. Right next to Budapest it has the highest number of historical buildings, a city centre with a good atmosphere, restaurants, taverns, and it welcomes its visitors with various possibilities for recreation and tourism. Sopron is the city of museums, a museum city. It’s one of the country’s most beautiful historical cities with 400 monuments and historical buildings. Due to this fact it received the gold medal of the Europe Award for Monument Protection as the second city in Hungary that is rich in monuments.

Firstly, it’s worth walking the streets of the city’s historical part, to get impressions when glancing into doorways. The memories that represent the largest variety of eras and styles immediately capture the strangers visiting the city. Besides gothic, baroque, and renaissance architectural solutions the atmosphere of rustic city parts with taverns is also present. The valuable exposition materials of museums and collections provide a comprehensive picture about Sopron’s historic items, rich culture, and vigorous artistic life.

Somló Hill, Kreinbacher Estate

Distance from hotel: 70 km


At the Kreinbarcher Estate we show our experience and knowledge not only in the bottle. We will guide you through the stages of modern wine and champagne making based on tradition, while paying attention to clarity, so the value is not lost behind the experience. An unique opportunity to learn how „Methode Traditionnelle”, i. e. bottle-fermented and aged sparkling wines, is made.

At the end of the estate visit, of course, we also provide an opportunity for wine and champagne tasting. If required, the program can be supplemented with a vineyard tour on Somló Hill, during which we will accompany you to our most beautiful vineyards, introduce you to our museum of grape and wine history and old vintage houses, or you can visit the most beautiful points of the mountain, including the lookout points of the mountain, including the lookout point of the Stone Kitchen, the Rock of Friend or the St. Helena Chapel, which are easily accessible from the Estate.