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Relax in the capital of wellness and golf!

New Sauna world

Beneficial Sauna

As one of the milestones in the rebirth of the hotel, our new Sauna World has been completed, so this area can already be enjoyed by our guests.

„An ounce of remedy and a pound of cure”
The sauna session physically affects the body thus improving heart health and blood circulation in addition to strengthening the immune system. Sweating naturally removes toxins from the body; sauna sessions enhances this natural phenomenon. It is also beneficial to the skin, provides a good solution to insomnia and relieves delayed onset muscle soreness. 

Our saunas are available for guests over 16 years old.

Our Saunas

Finnish sauna 

The Finnish sauna offers the opportunity to relax and gives a refreshing feeling both for soul and body. Its health-promoting effect has already been proven scientifically. It helps to reduce stress, strengthens the immune system, promotes the metabolism, cleanses and tones the skin. Finnish saunas are textile-free. 
Temperature 85-95 0C, humidity: 25-30%

Aroma sauna

The effects of the classic sauna are complemented with essential oils. These have a beneficial effect on the mood,  clear the airways and strengthen the immune system.
Temperature: 55-65 0C, humidity: 45-55%

Steam bath

The body temperature - despite of the intensive sweating - is increased by the heat in the cabin, which accelerates the blood circulation. The heart rate increases but the blood pressure decreases due to the dilation of the blood vessels. Improves blood circulation, relieves stress and clears the airways. Besides its skin-cleansing effect, it even warms up the joints.
Temperature: 40-50 0C, humidity: 80-95%


With infrared heat, salt sandpit and sea salt vaporiser. Breathing the salty air in the cabin helps in case of respiratory diseases. It strengthens the immune system and stimulates the activity of the respiratory system. The salt has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin problems. The illuminated salt crystals have cell-regenerating and stress-relieving effect.
Temperature: 22-25 °C


The heat from the infrared rays penetrates deep into the subcutaneous fat tissue and has therefore a rejuvenating and health-promoting effect. Stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, relieves stress, soul and body can relax. Detoxifies, helps to reduce fat, tightens the skin, purifies the connective tissue, helps against cellulite, heals the body and strengthens the immune system. 
Temperature: 35-50 0C

Bio-and light sauna

The beneficial effects of the sauna are complemented by pleasant fragrances and colour therapy. The colours can effect different energy centres of the body in a positive way. 
Temperature: 50-60 0C, Humidity: 30-35%