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Greenfield Reloaded

Together on the way to renewal!

Our hotel after the out of service period from spring have taken the first steps to the complete rebirth. However our hotel will reopen soon, the renovation works will be continuing to reach the full rebirth of the hotel, so we have collected all important information about the schedules of the renovation and the areas and services which will be involved:

1. schedule of renovation

2020. autumn - 2021. spring

  • Renovation of the lobby
  • Renovation of the Seasons restaurant
  • Renovation of the Piano bar
  • Renovation of the Laguna restaurant
  • Renovation of the Salon
  • Building engineering renovation
  • Renovation of the conference rooms

IMPORTANT INFOMATION: The hotel has out of service period till 11th March 2021. Reopening: 12th March 2021.

2. schedule of renovation

2021. winter - spring
  • Expansion and renewal of our Wellness and Spa department
  • Renewal of the Playroom
  • Renovation and renewal of the rooms
  • Renovation of the Albatross bar and build an entertainment center
  • Renewal of the energy system

IMPORTANT INFOMATION: One of the biggest milestone will be the expansion and renewal of our Wellness and Spa department in the first half of the year 2021. Since our Spa and Wellness department will be closed in the first half of 2021, we will be offering our rooms with temporarily modified service content. We provide a discounted package including a spa ticket to the Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa with a free transfer possibility. Our “soft all inclusive” service during this period will be changed into a half board plus service, which will include breakfast and halfboard dinner with the usual “soft all inclusive” drink offer.

3. schedule of renovation

2021. autumn - winter

  • Renovation and renewal of the rooms
  • Renovation of the hotel exterior
  • Renovation of the park area (outside) and the parking places

IMPORTANT IMFOMATION: We will renovated our rooms in more schedules so our rooms will be available limited in this period.

The main goal of the complete rebirth is to provide our guests a unique product with a renewed interior and good-quality services.

The next period is not usual in our lives either, but we are doing our best to make the “Greenfield experience and relaxation” now even better, even more special!

We are looking forward to meet you and to be part of this exciting period of our hotel’s life to finally experience the „Rebirth of Greenfield” together!

Greenfield team