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Relax in the capital of wellness and golf!

Recommended Excursions

Relaxing Experiences

Fabulous historical towns and diverse cultural programmes await those who prefer active recreation in the Western Hungarian thermal region famous for its medicinal waters.

Bükfürdő Health and Experience Centre

Distance from hotel: 1.3 km

Bükfürdő is one of Europe’s best known health, strand, and experience baths, and the second largest in Hungary. Its modern sauna world and special Medical Wellness Centre awaits you, and offers a perfect relaxation for all age groups. The bath located on 14 hectares is a real bath complex with 32 pools having more than 5200 sqm of water surface for those desiring healing, recreation, recharging, and bathing.


Distance from hotel: 0.5 km

Roller skate and Nordic Walking fans will not feel bored with us, and bikers may feel themselves in the seventh heaven, because they can reach the Austrian border on two wheels. Bükfürdő and the surroundings have numerous bicycle trails. Hotel guests, small and great, have the possibility to rent bicycles. In the city there is a possibility to try out the so-called „pedelec” bicycle. This originates from a combination of the words „pedal" and „electric", and it’s not the same as an electric or e-bike, a pedelec does need – although a small amount of – pushing.

Bük Sports Centre

Distance from hotel: 4 km

The Bük Sports Centre provides a possibility for high-quality training, the list of high-ranked teams choosing it for initial training demonstrates this. As a result of development in the recent years there are one field with artificial grass and one with real grass (compliant with UEFA regulations) available for the teams, equipped with aluminium-socketed goals and protective nets.

Evening matches and trainings are made possible by lighting with 4 lamps for each field (4x10,000W and 4x4,000W). The field size is 68x105 metres.

The partially covered stands having a lightweight structure provide seating for a total of 125 supporters along the 2 side lines. The comfort of the teams is ensured by 4 separable dressing-rooms, possibility for washing, additional equipment (portable aluminium goals, line-ups, poles, buoys, cones, hurdles), continuous field maintenance, and professional staff.

Nordic Walking

Distance from hotel: 0.5 km

The town has a new differentiating title – Nordic Walking-friendly locality.

From the summer of 2013 there are two marked Nordic Walking routes in Bükfürdő available for the sport’s fans, both certified by the Hungarian Nordic Walking Academy. The certified routes named Termál (Thermal) and Napsugár (Sunshine) have a length of 3 km and 7 km, respectively, sharing the same starting and ending points. The shorter section, Termál, is a tour of Bükfürdő, while the Napsugár route takes you to the theme park with the same name.

Kneipp ® park

Distance from hotel: 1 km

Another town development in 2013 was the establishment of the Kneipp park that provides recreation for the guests’ body and soul. They can try the 510 metres long dry treading paved with a variety of materials.

Walking barefoot on pebbles of different sizes, gravel, pine bark, cones, and wood chips offers a natural massage. Those seeking the relaxation and recharging offered by yoga will naturally choose the open-air yoga park, and a natural bush labyrinth has been created for children. You can also explore various herbs and spices in the park.

Crystal Tower

Distance from hotel: 2,5 km

The spectacular climbing and adventure trail having a crystal structure of three layers, composed using the latest technology is unique in Hungary, and all generations gain something from it. The Crystal Tower offers an adventure for 120 persons simultaneously. The trail having a length of more than one kilometre, the giant swing, and the Flying Fox slide of nearly 200 metres is specifically suitable for multi-day entertainment with family or friends. When organising team building events for companies or skill developing adventure trainings for managers, spectacular and positive results can be achieved by adding low and high rope garden elements.

Playground for adults

Distance from hotel: 1.5 km

Everybody is entitled to healthy life and the joy of movement. There are 12 standalone outdoor fitness devices in the Bükfürdő Sports Park for those who love motion, and new devices have been installed in the summer of 2012 that provide the possibility of active recreation to disabled persons. Everybody from young to old can do gymnastics on the devices that gently move the muscles of the arms, legs, and hips. From Wednesday to Saturday in the afternoon you can participate here free of charge in various sports programmes lead by animators.