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General Hotel Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1.General Provisions

1.1.The General Hotel Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) summarise the contractual content on the basis of which the Adventor Hotel KFT, 9740 Bükfürdő, Golf út 4. (hereinafter Service Provider) generally concludes an Accommodation Contract with their Guests.

1.2. Specific terms and conditions do not form part of this GTC, but do not exclude the conclusion of special arrangements with travel agents, tour operators, and separate different terms and conditions that are appropriate for the particular business.

Simultaneously with the conclusion of the Contract, the Guest acknowledges the provisions of these GTC and, unless otherwise agreed, are considered to be applicable.

2. Contracting Parties

2.1.The Guest shall use the services provided by the Service Provider. If the Guest places an order for the Services directly with the Service Provider, the Guest will be the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest together, if the conditions are fulfilled, become contractual parties (hereinafter: the Parties).

2.2. If an order for the Services is placed by a third party (hereinafter: the Agent) on behalf of the Guest, the terms of cooperation shall be governed by an agreement between the Service Provider and the Agent. In this case, the Service Provider shall not be obliged to investigate whether the third party is lawfully representing the Guest.

3. Method and Conditions of Using the Service

3.1.In response to verbal or written queries from the guest - by letter, fax, e-mail, website or other electronic means - the Service Provider will always send a written offer. I f no particular written order for accepting the offer of Hotelier is received within 48 hours of the sending of the offer, then Hotelier will not be bound to the offer any more.

3.2. The service contract is created when the Service Provider confirms the Guest’s order – reservation - in writing; and, in the light of this written confirmation, the order – reservation – is considered to be a written contract.

3.3. The order and / or change of order made in words creates a contractual obligation if it was confirmed by the Service Provider in writing. Oral reservation, agreement, modification, or oral confirmation by the Service Provider is not a contract.

3.4. The Service Provider is not obliged to enter into a contract (service) and may reject the Guest’s offer or request for a service without giving reasons.

3.5. The contract for the use of the service is concluded for a definite period of time.

3.6. If the Guest leaves the room definitely before the expiry of the specified period, the Service Provider shall be entitled to the full value of the service specified in the Contract. The Service Provider is entitled to resell the vacant room before the expiration date. If the guest doesn’t use the ordered so-called extra services - medical, cosmetic and other - and does not cancel them within the deadline provided for each service (according to 9.5), or the Service Provider does not provide a cancellation option due to the nature of the service, the guest is obliged to pay a penalty equal to 100% of the fee for the given service.

3.7. The precondition for the use of the accommodation is that the Guests should identify themselves according to the legal regulations before they occupy the room. No one is allowed to stay in the hotel without registering.

3.8. The Contract can only be amended and/or complemented in accordance with a written agreement signed by all Parties.

4. Check-in and Check-out

4.1. The Guest has the right to occupy the booked room from 3:00 p.m. on the day agreed.

4.2. In the event that the Guest doesn’t arrive by 24.00 on the agreed day, the Service Provider may withdraw from the contract, unless a later arrival date has been set.

4.3. The Guest must leave the room until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

4.4. Depending on the occupancy rate of the hotel, there is the possibility of early arrival and late departure for an fee. The fees can be found at reception or on the website https://greenfieldhotel.hu/altalanos-informaciok. If the guest would like to use this service, please inform the reception the day before your arrival.

5. Extending the Accommodation

5.1. The written consent of the Service Provider is required for the guest to extend their stay. In this case, the Service Provider can determine the reimbursement of the fee for the service already provided. The Service Provider provides the guest with a separate form for expanding the service.

5.2. If the guest does not leave the room by 11:30 pm on the day of departure, the guest will be required to pay a late check-out fee. If the room has not been vacated by 6 p.m. and the Service Provider has not agreed in advance to extend the stay, the Service Provider is entitled to invoice the room price for an additional day and at the same time to end the Service Provider’s service obligation

6. Prices

6.1. The Service Provider’s room rates (Rack Rates) are on display in the hotel rooms or at the reception in the hotel. The price lists of other services are available at the hotel department concerned. (restaurant, spa, wellness, golf).

6.2. The Service Provider may change its announced prices without prior notice (for example, due to package prices or other discounts). If the Guest has booked the accommodation and the Service Provider has confirmed it in writing, this price can no longer be changed by the Service Provider.

6.3.The Guest can always be informed about the price of the services at the hotel reception before starting to provide the service.

6.4. When publishing its room rates, the Service Provider shall indicate the tax content of the rates (VAT, Local Tax) valid at the time of the offer in line with the legal regulations. The published prices include statutory VAT but do not include tourist tax, which must be paid on the spot. The Service Provider shall transfer additional charges due to the amendment of effective tax law (VAT, Local Tax) to the Contracting Party with prior notice. A service charge of 15% applies in the hotel restaurant, café and wellness bar as well as for room service. The service fee for banquet services (food and drink) is 8%.

7. Offers and Discounts

7.1.Current offers and discounts are announced on the hotel website.The discounts offered are always for individual room bookings.

7.2. The discounts offered cannot be combined with any other discounts.

7.3. The Service Provider determines the terms and conditions of special contracted products, group bookings or events, as specified in the individual contract.

8. Discounts for Children

8.1. For children - in the room with parents - we provide the following accommodation and meal discounts:

  • -0 - 5,99 years Free of charge
  • -6 - 11,99 years 50 % discount on extra bed
  • -From 12 years, 20% discount on extra bed

8.2. Extra beds are only available in certain room types.

8.3. Please consult any extra bed request with the Service Provider in advance, at the time of the booking.

8.4. Discounts for children and families for other room types can be found at https://greenfieldhotel.hu/altalanos-informaciok

9. Cancellation Policy

9.1. If the Service Provider has not specified other conditions in their offer, the reservation can be cancelled free of charge no later than 7 days before arrival. In the event of late cancellation or non-cancellation, the hotel shall charge 50% of the price of the services ordered as a contractual penalty.

9.2. If the Contracting Party has not secured the accommodation service through an advance payment, credit card guarantee or any other way specified in the Contract, the Service Provider’s obligation to fulfil shall expire on the 7th day before the day of arrival.

9.3. If the Contracting Party has guaranteed the use of its accommodation services with a deposit but does not arrive on the day of arrival (that is, no written notice of cancellation is received), the Service Provider shall retain the total amount of the paid deposit (as specified in the Contract) as a contractual penalty. In this case, the accommodation will be reserved for the Contracting Party until 11:00 on the day following the date of arrival, after which the Service Provider’s obligation is terminated.

9.4. The Service Provider reserves the right to make conditions set out in an individual contract other than the above with regard to booking its products subject to special conditions such as special offers, group travel or events.

9.5. Other services (wellness, medicine, golf and restaurant) can be cancelled no later than 2 hours before use. If the cancellation has not been made by the specified deadline, the Service Provider is entitled to debit 100% of the amount of the ordered service to the Guest’s account.

9.6. Meals included in the service package cannot be canceled or exchanged for cash.

10. Refusal to Perform the Contract, Termination of the Obligation to Provide the Service

10.1. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract for accommodation services with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide services if:

  • the guest does not use the provided room or facility properly;
  • The guest will not leave the room until 11.30 p.m. on the day of departure and the Service Provider has not agreed in advance to extend the stay
  • the Guest violates the security rules and good order of the hotel, behaves in an inappropriate, aggressive manner with the employees, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and exhibits menacing, offensive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour
  • If the Guest does not comply with the hotel’s security policy or other policies and regulations – e.g. refusing to stop smoking in a prohibited area despite being instructed to do so or COVID-19 regulations.
  • If the Guest is suffering from an infectious disease or have symptoms suggestive of an infectious disease (e.g. COVID)
  • If the Contracting Party fails to meet its advance payment obligation specified in the Contract by the specified date.

10.2. If the Contract is not performed to force majeure reasons, the contract shall terminate.

11. Method and Guarantee of Payment

11.1. The consideration for the services ordered can be paid on site in cash (HUF or EUR), by credit cards accepted by the Service Provider, by bank transfer or by online payment through the website. The exchange rate of room rates shall be the exchange rate of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (National Bank of Hungary) valid on the day of arrival.

11.2. In the case of a bank transfer, unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement with the Service Provider, the Guest shall transfer the consideration for the services to the hotel’s bank account before the indicated date of arrival by crediting the respective amount to the hotel’s bank account or in accordance with an irrevocable statement issued by the financial institution in possession of the Guest’s account stating that the transfer has been completed.

11.3. Individual room reservations can be guaranteed by entering credit card details or an advance payment.

11.4. Other payment methods on site are the Széchenyi Pihenőkártya (SZÉP Card - a debit card offering fringe benefits to an employee that can be spent predominantly on accommodation) and vouchers issued by the hotel and / or its contracted partners.

11.5. The Service Provider reserves the right to request a guarantee from the Contracting Party or the Guest in order to pay for the extra services used by the Guest, i.e. for on-site consumption in addition to the ordered services. These guarantees may include:

(a) credit card guarantee: depending on the length of stay, a deposit shall be paid that will be blocked out on the credit card until departure;

(b) advance service fee: the deposit may be paid in cash upon arrival. The unused amount will be refunded upon departure.

11.6. Preliminary disclosure of details required for a credit card payment as well as a detailed description of the payment process and terms:

After ordering the selected services, you will be directed to the website of SIX Payment Services, where you can pay by credit card via an encrypted transaction used by SIX Payment Services, which is currently considered the most secure means of transfer. The Customers only need to select the payment method by clicking on “Pay by credit card” and entering the card number and expiration date on the payment gateway of SIX Payment Services. Cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners Club.

Credit cards issued exclusively for electronic use are accepted only if authorised by the issuing bank. To ensure the usability of your card for online purchases, please consult your bank.

The Service Provider stores the data entered and obtained over the course of the order, i.e. the name of the cardholder or customer may be used only for the purpose of executing the transaction authorised by the cardholder. The Service Provider shall not generate any other data during the transaction.

The cardholder (Guest) may report any complaints about the payment in writing immediately after using the service, but no later than 3 days after its use. The Service Provider shall decide on the method and extent of any compensation within 15 days of receiving the complaint.

12. Placement Guarantee

12.1. In the event if the hotel of the Service Provider is unable to ensure the services listed in the Contract through his own fault (e.g. overbooking, temporary problems of operation, etc.), the Service Provider is obliged to ensure accommodation for the Guest without delay.

12.2.The Service Provider is obliged to ensure/offer the services listed in the Contract at the rate and for the period confirmed, – or till the termination of the incapacitation – in another accommodation place of the same or of higher category. All surplus costs of the replacement accommodation place burden the Service Provider.

12.3. If the Service Provider fully meets these obligations, and if the Guest has accepted the replacement accommodation, no subsequent claim for compensation will be accepted.

13. Pets

10.1.Pets can generally be taken to the hotel of the Service Provider at a charge of € 20,-. They can be kept in the rooms and use the common areas to access the rooms under the supervision of the Guest, however, they cannot be taken to any other premises (restaurant, swimming pool etc.).

10.2.The Guest will be held fully liable for the damages caused by his/her pet. The Guest is fully responsible for the losses caused by the pet, and must pay the fee for the extra cleaning if it is necessary, the amount of which fee is included in the valid price list.

14. Rights of the Guest

14.1. By entering into the Accommodation Contract, the Guest acquires the right to the normal use of the rented premises, and the normal use of the facilities of the accommodation facility made available to the Guests as normal and without special conditions, and standard service during the opening hours indicated.

14.2.The Guest may complain about the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider during the stay at the hotel. The Service Provider undertakes to handle any complaint that has been submitted to them in writing (or recorded by them) during this period. The Service Provider handles any complaints individually. Complaints may be submitted by the Guest at the following address and contact details:

Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa / Adventor Hotel Kft.

9740 Bükfürdő

Golf út 4.

Phone: +36 94 801 600

Email: reservation@greenfieldhotel.hu

14.3. The Guest’s right to complain ends after his / her departure from the accommodation.

15. Obligations of the Guest

15.1. Payment of the agreed fee is due by the deadline specified in the confirmation or upon termination of the accommodation service contract.

15.2. In the event that Guests bring food or drinks into the hotel which are consumed in public areas, the Service Provider is entitled to charge a fair price for these (the so-called "corkage" drinks). It is forbidden for Guests to take food / drink out of hotel catering units.

15.3. Prior to commissioning electrical appliances brought into the hotel by the Guest, which do not meet usual travel needs, the Service Provider’s consent shall be sought.

15.4. The hotel Guests can park their vehicles free of charge in our uncovered and unguarded car park. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage to vehicles in the car park or items left inside them (including, but not limited to, the break-in of vehicles and theft of any items; the theft of the vehicle and damage caused by natural phenomena). The Hotel is not responsible for valuables left in the rooms. Please use the safes in the rooms or at the main reception. The car park must be used in accordance with the traffic regulations. The permissible speed of vehicles is 20 km/h.

15.5. Rubbish should be discarded in public bins or bins placed in the rooms. It is not possible to remove furniture from or move items inside the rooms or building.

15.6. You may only use the devices and equipment in the complex at your own risk, subject to compliance with the instructions in the user manuals on display.

15.7. Pursuant to Act XLII of 1999 on the Protection of Non-Smokers, smoking is prohibited in the closed rooms of the Hotel (including Guest rooms), communal areas and throughout the entire premises of the hotel, including terraces, balconies, the car park, etc. Signs obliging Guests to comply with the law in question have been placed by the Hotel in areas specified by law. Hotel employees are entitled to warn Guests, as well as any other person on the premises, to comply with the law and to stop unlawful behaviour. Guests and any person on the hotel’s premises are required to comply with the law and any requests. If, as a result of the unlawful conduct of any Guest or other person on the premises, the operator of the hotel is fined by the competent authority as a result of failing to comply with the aforementioned law, the operator reserves the right to pass on the fine to the person who committed the infringement in question or demand payment from him or her.

If the Guest is proven to have breached the aforementioned legal obligations, they are obliged to pay a fee of HUF 30,000 to the Hotel Operator, which the Hotel Operator is entitled to charge to the Guest’s room account and the Guest is obliged to pay upon departure.

15.8. In the case of a fire, please inform the reception immediately.

15.9. Guests sharing rooms, public facilities in the hotel and furnishings are jointly and severally liable for damage caused by their improper use.

15.10. For fireworks and other licensed activities organised by the Hotel, the Hotel requires the written consent of the Hotel as well as the official permission of the hotel Guests.

15.11. Use of the spa is at the Guest’s own risk. There is an increased risk of slipping in areas close to the water! The Hotel is not responsible for any resulting accidents or misuse of the pool and sauna areas.

15.12. The Guest acknowledges that use of the golf course is by prior arrangement. The course can only be used following a course aptitude test. By useing the golf course, the player acknowledges and complies with the applicable golf rules, which can be found at the golf club reception.

15.13. The Guest shall ensure that a child under the age of 14 under their responsibility staying in the Service Provider’s hotel is always supervised by an adult. The parents are fully responsible for any damage caused by children they are responsible for. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to visit any thermal pools nor saunas of the Service Provider due to health concerns. The parents are responsible for their supervision in this regard.

15.14. The Guest must report any injuries suffered by him or her at the Hotel immediately and provide the Hotel with all the necessary information to clarify the circumstances of the incident or that may be required for inclusion in a statement to the police.

15.15. The Guest must report any damage done to them immediately at the hotel and provide the hotel with all necessary information needed to clarify the circumstances of the incident and possibly to record the police report / conduct the police procedure.

16. The Guest’s Liability for the Compensation of Damage

The Guest shall be held liable for all damage and inconvenience suffered by the Service Provider or a third person out of the fault of the Guest, his escort or any person(s) belonging to his responsibility. The Guest is liable to pay for the damage caused to the Supplier. This liability remains to be in effect even if the aggrieved has the right to claim compensation of his damages directly from the Service Provider.

17. Obligations of the Contracting Parties

17.1. The Sevice Provider is required to provide the ordered accommodation and other services according to the valid regulations and the service standards.

17.2. The Sevice Provider is required to investigate the Guest’s written complaint, to take the necessary steps to solve the problem, and to record the steps taken

17.3. It is forbidden to make loud noises within the hotel area and on the terraces during the hours after 22:00, including watching TV and listening to music in the rooms disturbingly loudly, as well as playing loud music in the lobby; having this regulation met is the responsibility of the hotel staff.

18. Rights of the Service Provider

18.1. In the event that the Guest fails to meet his/her fee payment obligations related to the used services or contractually ordered but not used services that carry a penalty, the Service Provider - to ensure the claim is met - has a right of pledge on the personal belongings the Guest has brought into the hotel.

18.2. The round-the-clock reception service at the hotel is entitled to check the identity of Guests entering and leaving as well as their vehicles upon departure in justified cases.

18.3. If necessary, the security service is entitled to direct traffic on the premises of the hotel.

19. Service Provider’s Liability for Damage

19.1. The Service Provider assumes responsibility for any damage suffered by the Guest due to the loss, destruction or damage of the Guest’s objects, in the event that the Guest has placed such objects at the place designated by the Service Provider, or at the usually designated place, or in the room safe, or for the ones the guest has given to the Service Provider’s employee whom the Guest could have considered as being entitled to receive his objects.

19.2. The Service Provider’s liability does not cover any incidents that have occurred due to an unavoidable cause beyond the control of the Service Provider’s employees and of its guests, or were caused by the Guest or the persons under his supervision.

19.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to appoint place(s) within the hotel where the Guest must not enter. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages to the Guests or the persons under his supervision suffered at the places

19.4. The Service Provider is responsible for valuables, securities and cash belonging to the Guest only if it has been specifically handed over to be stored securely or the damage occurred for a reason for which the Service Provider is liable under the general rules. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the Guest.

19.5. In addition, the Service Provider is not responsible for any damage resulting from improper use.

19.6. The Service Provider shall not be liable for damages if the use of its facilities is limited or not permitted during a period of maintenance organised by the wellness or sports departments of the Hotel to comply with emergency or health regulations.

20. Illness and Death of the Guest

20.1. If the Guest becomes ill whilst using the services provided by the Hotel and is unable to act on his / her own behalf, the Service Provider shall provide medical assistance.

20.2. In the event of the Guest becoming ill / dying, the Service Provider will claim compensation costs from the patient’s / deceased’s relatives, whoever has been granted power of attorney or the account holder for any medical and procedural costs with regard to services used prior to the Guest’s death as well as possible damage to equipment / fixtures in connection with the illness suffered / death.

21. Data Protection

21.1. The name and email address of the User are required to sign up for the Newsletter on the website of the Service Provider. By subscribing to the Newsletter, the User gives their consent for their data to be processed. The Service Provider shall process this data until the Data Subject requests the erasure thereof.

21.2. A direct link is provided in every Newsletter or on the website to unsubscribe from the Newsletter.

21.3. The User is responsible for the authenticity of the personal data provided.

21.4. The Service Provider shall protect the data against unauthorised access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, erasure or destruction as well as accidental destruction or damage.

21.5. The Service Provider together with the Server Operator shall ensure the security of the data.

21.6. The personal data provided by the User shall be accessible only to the staff of the Data Controller. Personal data shall not be transferred to third parties other than those specified by the Data Controller.

21.7. For more information on the processing of your personal data, please refer to the “Data Protection Information Sheet” on the website or request it by sending an email to reservation@greenfieldhotel.hu or in person at the hotel reception.

21.8. The User acknowledges that the Service Provider is obliged by law to disclose personal information to the requesting authority if legal conditions thereof are met. The User may not object to the provision of information in accordance with the law and official or judicial decisions.

22. Data Privacy

The Service Provider is obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the Acts on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Public Interest when fulfilling its obligations under the Contract.

23. Force Majeure

23.1. Any reason or circumstance (for example, war, fire, flood, weather, power failure, strike) over which the Party has no control (force majeure). The following in particular shall be regarded as a force majeure:

  • natural disasters: earthquake, fire, epidemic, drought, damage caused by frost or hail, flood, windstorm;
  • certain political and social events: war, revolution, uprising, sabotage, closure of a transport route (airport);
  • state measures, epidemiological restrictions, import-export bans, foreign exchange restrictions, embargoes, boycotts and the like;
  • malfunctions;
  • radical market changes that render contractual performance impossible (such as a drastic price explosion, the extreme weakening of the payment currency, etc.).

Any force majeure event shall release the Parties from their obligations under the Contract for as long as this cause or circumstance exists. The Parties agree to endeavour to minimise the possibility of these causes and circumstances as well as repair the damage or delay caused thereof as soon as possible.

Parties agree to do everything in their power to limit the possibility of these reasons or circumstances occurring to the minimum and to remedy the damage or delay caused by them as soon as possible.

24. The Place of Performance, Law Applicable to the Contracting Parties’ Relationship and the Court with Jurisdiction

24.1.The place of performance is the place where the hotel is located. ((9740 Bük, Golf út 4.)

24.2. All disputes arising out of the accommodation contract, in respect of the Service Provider, shall be considered by a competent court of law with local jurisdiction.

24.3.The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Guest shall be governed by the provisions of Hungarian law.

25. The Data of Website Visitors

25.1. The Service Provider shall not record either the user’s IP address or other personal data when visiting the website operated by them. Searching the website is free and anonymous. The Service Provider shall use the anonymous internet visit exclusively for statistical purposes, to optimise its Internet presence, to increase the security of the system, and the data recorded do not contain any personal data.

25.2. The Service Provider maintains confidentiality of all data and facts concerning the Users and uses them solely for the purpose of making their own research and statistics.

25.3. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any previous pages that have already been deleted but have been archived with the help of Internet search engines. These should be removed by the operator of the search engine.

26. Newsletter

After subscribing to the Newsletter, by providing a name and email address, the User agrees to be sent an email by Adventor Hotel Kft.

Adventor Hotel Kft. ensures that the User can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time by sending an unsubscribe request to the email address reservation@greenfieldhotel.hu or by using the direct link in the Newsletter.

By concluding the accommodation service contract, you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions. You agree with them. The GTC may be amended later. 

Valid until revoked.