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Children ABC

Adventure park Holdfény Liget

Holdfény Liget, the adventure garden of the foothills of the Alps is located on halfway between Szombathely and Kőszeg in Gyöngyösfalu. You can slide 1300 m long, climb, balance in 2 - 8 m high tree canopies on the one of the largest wire rope forest tracks of Hungary. 100 different games awaits visitors. They thought about little ones too, who can try from 3 years the Ladybugs track with parental help. In addition the adventure park offers low and high rope garden games, small forest railway trip, paddling the creek Gyöngyös, water zorb, nordic walking, archery, forest quad, playground, football pitch, barefoot trail of experiences for active sports enthusiasts and families who wants to hike.

Adventure city Szombathely Adventure city Szombathely

In the center of one acre area a towering castle with nine towers, slides and rope ladders offers endless variations of a wonderful game. The complex has twenty-seven meters long walls, where the greater ones can enjoy the game. The smaller kid’s games, water play areas, and hill slides, are located scattered around the castle. In the swing park have been geared gaming opportunities for disabled as well. The wire rope should just hold on. In the beautifully grassy park have been built spring toys, climbing frames and carousels which are familiar for many people. The sandbox is half-covered, so rain or even the sunlight does not disturbes the game. Opening hours: The park functioning seasonally - usually - from 15th of March until 31st of October. Open every day: 9:00 - 19:00.


We offer thematic animation programs from 15th of June until the end of August. Every day 6 - 7 types of colourful programs for children and for families (creative occupations, sports game, disco). These are the parts of the day, when parents can relax carelessly, or can organize programs for themselves, kids are guaranteed to feel comfortable with our professional animators. Not only kids are entertained by animators, they offering regular entertainment and sports programs for adult guests as well, ex. One minute and you win game, Aquafitness and many other things


For babies we provide high chair, nursing bottle warming facilities, baby bath, in community toilets diaper changing table serves mothers and babies comfort. Moving with baby carriage int he whole area of the Hotel is barrier-free.

Bike rental

Adult and children’s bikes can be rented for a fee in our hotel’s reception. The nearby cycle routes waiting for the bike and cycling enthusiasts. The cycle route starts from Bükfürdő and leads up to the Austrian border. You can cross the Austrian-Hungarian border with bicycle and try the bath centre of Locsmánd (Lutzmannsburg) which is located in 150 metres near the border. You can cross the border in Zsira only on foot or with bicycle. Distance between Bük and Zsira on bicycle is 14 km. In addition to the traditional bikes you can also rent at Bükfürdő TDM office pedelec and tandem bikes

Discover Bükfürdő and its surroundings on two wheels! Bicycles can be rented at the reception for an extra charge.

Chill & Fun Club

During the rebirth, a new entertainment center, Chill & Fun Club, has been established, which provides active entertainment opportunities for children and adults. Multisport simulator, table tenni, darts and billiards guarantee a good entertainment. The multi-sport simulator and bowling alley are available for a fee, while table football, darts and billiards are available free of charge. Advance booking on the receptionist is required!

Cold package

If you would like to go on trips with the family, but you will spend the whole day away. You will not miss out on lunch. There is a possibility of a cold package to ask at the reception, so you can take with yourself the lunch for the trip. (for extra charge)

Crystal Tower

The spectacular climbing and adventure trail having a crystal structure of three layers, composed using the latest technology is unique in Hungary, and all generations gain something from it. The Crystal Tower offers an adventure for 120 persons simultaneously. The trail having a length of more than one kilometer, the giant swing, and the Flying Fox slide of nearly 200 metres is specifically suitable for multi-day entertainment with family or friends. The monumental, set on a small area structure is 17 m high, 35 m wide and incudes 90 items. The 225 sqm 13 m high terrace with spectacular views offers beautiful view.


Unfortunatelly it can occur during the holidays also, that the children get fever or feeling themselves bad. At the reception our staff is happy to help with calling the medical assistance.


The little train ride for all guests visiting Bad Bük is a must-see program, one stop of it is right outside the hotel. The one-hour duration trip you can take off at designated stops. If you want to learn about small streets of Bük and Bükfürdő, flowered houses, and all this comfortably, you can take advantage of the sightseeing little train!

Experience/leisure elements in the SPA 

In our Spa areas leisure pool every ¼ hour colorful adventure elements make enjoyable the rest: whirlpool beds, whirlpool, whirlpool seats, neckshower and geyser.

Family rooms, apartments

We offer different variations of placement for families: Connecting double rooms - we provide special price for families. The size of the pleasant „Deluxe” suites is between 43 and 55 sqm. The 2 separated areas provide comfortable atmosphere and an ideal space for families with small children. The 57 sqm uites with two bedrooms and a living room are ideal for families or group of friends. The bathrooms are equipped with both shower cabin and bathtub.

Food and drink 

Halboard includes main meal in buffet style 2 times (breakfast and dinner), on the buffet table our children guests also can find the right food to taste. During the summer break we form a separate children’s corner in the restaurant where we offer children’s menu. 

At our Gourmet Corner restaurant, the younger ones can choose from a separate kid's menu so they can find their favorable dishes.


Funcity is one of the most innovative entertainment centres in the country, which has opened in Bükfürdő. The newly opened centre guarantees recreation and unforgettable experiences for all ages. The FunCity features state-of-the-art attractions, including the Turbocharger, where visitors can feel like a real Formula 1 driver, and the Crazy Rush is responsible for adrenaline. VR technology allows players to be part of the movies and stories of their choice, and FunCity features a state-of-the-art cinema with audiovisual technology.

Be the first to try it! Until the end of August, all of our package offers for a minimum of 3 nights include a ticket to FunCity to try out an attraction of your choice.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 9:45-14:30 and 15:00-22:00


Our cabala figure Golfy comes and goes among the guests and plays with children within the framework of our colorful programs. Play with him, make a picture with the memory of common play!

Take Golfy home with you! From summer, you can buy a plush Golfy figure at our reception.


We offer several times a week golf programs for our hotel’s guests, on which can take part not only adults, but children also. The green area located next to 100 acres of beautiful golf course is a perfect location for outdoor sports and children’s programs. The golf course, however, remains only for golfers, this area is not for walk due to accident risk.

Green belt area

The hotel is located next to a huge green area - perfect location for outdoor programs for children.

High chair

In Green Gqrden Restaurant high chair is available for little ones.

Horse riding

We can offer riding stables in the area for children who want to ride, for further information please contact the reception.

Ice cream

We offer cool ice cream in our Spa areas Snack or Pool bar (for a fee).

Internet acces

WLAN in the whole hotel is for free.

Kneipp park

The Kneipp ® park provides recreation for the guest’s body and soul. They can try the 510 metres long dry treading paved with a variety of materials. Walking barefoot on pebbles of different sizes, gravel, pine bark, cones, and wood chips offers a natural massage. For children has been created a natural bush labyrinth. You can also explore various herbs and spices in the park, those who seeking the relaxation and recharging offered by yoga will naturally choose the open-air yoga park.


From the offers - more than 100 types of traditional, exotic, health and spoiling treatments - of our Spa department we offer massage for children as well (recommended for children between 8 - 16 years).

Napsugár (Sunshine) theme park

The play-school of 1700 sqm offers real relaxation for families on weekdays, and common programs on weekends. There is a two-level play labyrinth available for the smaller ones with 2 swings, trampoline, wave slide, pipe slide, sea of balls, and crawling tunnel. Next to it there is a small inflatable castle. The greater ones have a 4-track trampoline, a 4-level system of labyrinths on 300 m2 combined with exciting elements (4 cannon shooters, a 3 - track wave slide of 15 metres, sea of balls with a pipe slide) ensures unforgettable adventures. Besides this, visiting children can try the go-carts with adjustable seat distance, the running bikes, the tricycles, and 2 large inflatable castles, one out of which is actually a huge crocodile’s mouth. And if this is still not enough, they can spin in an inflatable ball in the indoor pool or they can drive a water dodgem.


The pharmacy from the hotel is in about 2,5 km. (Bük, Eötvös str. 6. Tel: +36 94/ 558-399 Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8.00 - 17.00, Saturday: 9.00-14.00) Regarding opening times and medication ordering information, please contact the reception. 

Play & Fun

Our multi-generation playroom, Play&Fun has been reborn. There are many games in the playroom and it offers fun entertainment from the smallest to the older children.


Our outdoor playground is located next to our Spa area, at a shaded area. The games have been designed according to EU standards: swing, seesaw, climbing frame, kids soccer field and basketball hoop.

Playground for adults

In Bükfürdő’s Sport Park 12 unique outdoor fitness equipment awaits the lovers of keeping fit. It makes the grown-up youth to do some sports, parents can be examples in front of their children, and it also provides new risk - free program to the youth-at-hearts. Everybody from young to old can do gymnastics on the devices that gently move the muscles of the arms, legs and hips. The playground offers new, beneficial activity which orientates people to healthminded lifestyle.

Playground in Bükfürdő

Bükfürdő’s newest playground, equipped with state of the art toys and avaliable to visitors free of charge, has opened recently next to the playground for adults. A slide castle with a maze, spring riders, rope nets for active climbers, sandpits, baby swings, climbing walls and other exciting toys await children.


In our 3500 sqm Spa area our children guests can find several pools: baby pool, leisure pool, swimming pool and in the summer the outdoor pool. For babies use of swimming diapers is required, which can be obtained in the hotel’s shop.


Left something at home? No problem, because in the shop located near the Spa area you can find almost everything what you need for a holiday: children swimwear, bathrobe, swimming goggles, slippers, arm floats, swimbelt and many other things.

Souvenirs for children

There are a lot of opportunities to buy souvenirs at the reception, marked with our cabala figure Golfy: pencil, wind dragon, labyrinth game and beach ball.

Take Golfy home with you! From summer, you can buy a plush Golfy figure at our reception.


The Western Hungarian region is rich in sights. You should take a trip with the kids to the mountains of Kőszeg, Sopron, Fertőd and Szombathely. We are pleased to have information regarding the program offers.

Why is it good to be a child in our hotel?

  • Everything you need for a carefree holiday is guaranteed: baby cot, high chair, toilet seat and toilet seat for the little ones
  • Baby play area with a slide and water features in our wellness area with colourful fun elements
  • Water slide from a 10 m high slide tower, which can be used 365 days a year
  • Reborn Play&Fun multi-generational playroom and outdoor play area
  • Chill&Fun Entertainment Centre, where fun is guaranteed even in bad weather
  • Colourful and varied programmes, crafts and sports competitions every day
  • Numerous entertainment facilities in and around Bükfürdő